6 Best Drag and Drop Page Builders for WordPress (2018)
Best Drag and Drop Page Builders for WordPress

Best Drag and Drop Page Builders for WordPress

6 Best Drag and Drop Page Builders for WordPress Compared (2018)

Would you like an easy way to build and customize your own WordPress site? That is where drag and drop WordPress web site builder plugins are coming to the picture. In this report, I’ll compare and examine 6 of the very Best Drag and Drop Page Builders for WordPress.

Why Work With a Drag and Drop Page Builder for WordPress?

When starting a blog, many WordPress beginners find it difficult to change or customize page layouts on their site. While a lot superior WordPress topics come with different page layouts, those are extremely hard to customize for anyone who does not understand code (HTML / CSS).

That is the reason why users frequently ask questions like: “is there an easy drag and drop page builder for WordPress?”

As soon as I talk with customers that change from Weebly to WordPress or from Wix to WordPress, the most frequent response is : “I wish WordPress had a drag and drop site builder”.

Well, there are numerous good drag and drop page builder plugins available for WordPress. They allow you to customize every part on your site without writing one line of code.

These components may be anything like adding numerous columns, parallax backgrounds, full width graphics, content slider, etc.. Users may use these components as cubes to build their own layouts within their WordPress topics.

Because there are various type of WordPress drag and drop page builders, I chose to compare them to help you choose the best page builder for WordPress, for yourself.

My standards for comparing these WordPress page builders are: simplicity of use, flexibility, and the layout output.

Having said that, let’s take a look at the best page builders for WordPress in the industry.

What are The Best Drag and Drop Page Builders for WordPress

1. Thrive Architect


Thrive Architect is a powerful, stand-alone front-end drag-and-drop page builder plugin for WordPress.

So what this means is that you can build any type of page in WordPress using simple drag-and-drop, with all of the design elements and features that you can think of adding to your page.

Thrive Architect was created by Thrive Themes, a digital products and services company that creates and offers a wide range of high-quality, conversion optimization tools for WordPress.

To help you create feature-rich content with Thrive Architect, this plugin includes a great selection of elements that you can add to your posts and pages. In addition, as this plugin has been created to help you generate more leads from your website, these building blocks have a strong focus on conversions.

Pricing: Starting from $69 for Single Site.

My Grade: A+

Overview: Thrive Architect is a VERY exciting product. It is also the only modern page builder with inline editing which makes it ideal for creating amazing blog posts. It is definitely my favorite page builder.

2. Elementor


Elementor is a powerful drag and drop WordPress page builder. It is constructed from ground up for speed, and you will instantly notice how fast and responsive it is.

It is a live page builder plug that usually means you get to see your page live as you edit it with Elementor. Simply create segments and decide on the amount of columns for every segment.

You can then drag and drop widgets from the left panel into your section. Elementor comes with a lot of widgets for example most commonly used site elements.

From fundamental image and text widgets to advanced accordions, sliders, testimonials, icons, social media, tabs, etc.. Each widget comes with its own preferences.

Elementor will even allow you to add widgets made by additional WordPress plugins.

Do not need to build your own layout?

Elementor also comes with a variety of ebooks templates that you may just fit into your webpages. You are able to just point and click to edit every other thing to the page and replace it with your own content.

Pricing: Starting from $49 for only site license.

My Grade: A

Overview: Elementor is just one of the greatest page builder plug in the industry. It is super fast, incredibly easy to use and comes with a lot of templates and modules.

3. Beaver Builder


Beaver Builder is a superior WordPress drag and drop page builder plugin. In my opinion, it’s definitely the greatest WordPress page builder plugin in the industry.

It is very fast and features a built in on-boarding tour that quickly familiarizes users using their own interface.

Beaver Builder comes with a stay drag and drop interface. You get to find all your changes as you add them by just dragging elements from the perfect sidebar and dropping them onto your page. You may click on almost any element in a page to edit its attributes.

It has many fundamental and advanced modules that cover nearly anything you might want to add. You will find modules to add sliders, carousel, backgrounds, content cubes, switches, and among many other items.

Most importantly, Beaver Builder is extremely easy to use for beginners. Check out our tutorial on the way best to create custom WordPress layouts with Beaver Builder.

Pricing: Starting from $99 for Unlimited Sites.

My Grade: A+

Overview: Beaver Builder is the simplest page builder option in the market. It comes with pre-made templates that will assist you get started. The ability to customize every little detail makes it the ideal solution for WordPress users.

4. Divi Builder

divi builder logo

Divi builder is a drag and drop WordPress page builder and theme. It is a very easy to use and quick WordPress theme using 20+ layouts/templates for various type of sites.

It is possible to make and save your personal Divi layouts. You could even export a layout from a single Divi installation into another. Divi also comes with a lot of elements that you may drag and drop everywhere in your layout.

Pricing: Starting from $69 Each Year

My Grade: B

Overview: Divi builder is a good page builder. The page builder operation is superb that lets you use other WordPress topics also. However, Divi employs a whole lot of shortcodes, and this also makes it difficult for you to change topics or use a different page builder in the future.

5. Themify Builder

If you’re already employing a WordPress theme by Themify then Themify Builder is already part of your subject. For additional non-Themify WordPress topics, you can find the Themify Builder plugin.

This simple and extremely intuitive page builder comes with several ready to use modules that you could add to your pages or articles. A number of these modules typically ask that you install separate WordPress plugins.

Themify Builder permits you to edit your pages from the admin area in addition to from the live site. With live editing you get to see exactly how your changes will appear on the site. Apart from that, Themify Builder comes with ready-to-use layouts that you can quickly apply to your page.

Pricing: $39

My Grade: C+

Review: While Themify builder comes with promising features, there is a learning curve that may leave a user frustrated. You are able to get nearly everything from the Themify builder in Site Orign page builder at no cost.

6. Page Builder by Site Origin

With more than one thousand active installs, Site Origin’s Page Builder is one of the hottest WordPress page builder in the industry. One of the primary reason for it’s popularity is the price (free). It is readily available as a fully operational free plugin.

Site Origin Page Builder is fairly easy to use and works with virtually any standard compliant WordPress motif. For parts, Site Origin Page Builder lets you use WordPress widgets. It comes with various widgets of its very own, also you can download and install any widget.

Additionally, it comes with a background tool which lets you switch back and forth to undo / redo changes that you made. This is a enormous time saver, and it offers you a peace of mind knowing that you’re able to revert and undo changes.

Replies: Free

My Grade: C

Overview: Site Origin Page Builder is an great free plugin using drag-and-drop interface to make and customize layouts. Even though the live editing is not comparable to other alternatives mentioned in this comparison.


In conclusion, I compared distinct drag and drop WordPress web site builders, one thing became quite obvious. Thrive Architect along with Elementor are definitely the top choice.

If you don’t mind spending little cash to find the very best in marketplace along with guaranteed support from developers, then go for these two, and you won’t regret it.

I hope that this article helped you discover the best WordPress drag and drop page builder plugins for your site.

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